Tuesday, October 12, 2010

September Cakes

September brought us some really fun cakes! We started off the month making a fun poker Birthday cake! An Avatar cake followed. It was a little challenging to make the cake look similar to the DVD cover, but with fondant and buttercream we made it work. We created an amazing dirt bike cake! We used rice crispies wrapped in fondant as the hay bales and chocolate graham crackers for the dirt. You can never go wrong with a Cowboys cake! Who wants a carrot carrot cake? This was a fun cake to make as well! It was a delicious carrot cake with cream cheese filling, formed into the shape of a carrot. And last, but not least we made a cute baby shower cake. The theme was Precious Planet and we made marble cakes and white cupcakes. The cake was decorated with the Precious Planet logo and some characters and the cupcakes were topped with one of the characters as well. This was an adorable cake.