Sunday, January 30, 2011

November & December 2010 Cakes

 The tennis cake was a birthday cake for a friend's sister. We did a play on the score, since she was turning 45. We also made a tennis net for the center, but we put that on once we delivered it to make sure it didn't break. 

A martini cake! We did a similar design to the margarita cake. This was made for a birthday as well. We added the green olives and a stir stick to make it more like an actual martini. 

This was a birthday cake that we made for Bradene's husband, Mark. He enjoys a Monster energy drink every now an then, so we found it fitting to make it for him. 

Yes, these are both cakes! We made a cake to fit into the margarita glass and then also a small matching cake for the rest of the guests. The small cake was accented with lime slices and coordinating colors to the margarita cake. 

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